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Candy FTW

Before I turn the page on the calendar and say goodbye to February 2012, I want to record the story of how I came to be in the possession of this beauty:



Isn’t it lovely? Look at all that chocolate goodness.

Every year, our church hosts a Valentine’s Day dinner held at a local banquet hall. It’s fancy with white table cloths, polished silverware, a well-done centerpiece. I wear a dress. We eat food that I did not prepare – that means I’m sitting at the table and servers place an adult-friendly meal in front of me. And they take the plate away when I’m done. An expensive cut of red meat on the menu this year.

Such luxury! Such decadence!

There are always games to play. The Newly Wed Game (not as racy as it sounds), puzzles of different sorts. Fill-in-the-blank fare. You win, you get a prize. One of the contests is always a Guess the Number of Candies in the Jar.

When I saw the jar this year, full of peanut M&Ms, Reese’s minis and malted milk balls, I wanted it. Usually the container is much smaller. This one was noticeably larger. I liked it; I wanted it. Sure, I wanted the candy, but mostly I wanted to win.

And I wanted to be the Mommy Hero to bring home the HUGE prize of all that candy. Usually it’s my husband who is the one to give into getting the kids treats. This was my big chance to bring home a sugary win.

Doc whipped out his Android with calculator app. I stared at the jar.

Doc counted, hit a few buttons, mumbled to himself. Wrote down a number.

I wrote down a number.

Erased it.

Looked at the jar a bit more. Might have chewed my lower lip in concentration.

Wrote another number. Looked at candy.

Erased number again.

Doc wandered off after putting in an extra guess for Frank Sinatra (Not kidding.)

Brief conversation about guessing, volume, calculators, kids and candy with a guy I don’t think goes to our church. (If he had won, I would’ve been really disappointed.)

Stared at canister again.

Wrote down final number.

Victory is extra sweet when it comes with candy. 



It occurs to me now that perhaps Doc and I should have immediately left said Valentine’s banquet and driven to Atlantic City. Would Lady Luck’s love for Reese’s translated into cash?

We will never know, because I’m certain I’ll never be so lucky with numbers again.