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Fun at Frenchtown Roller Rink

We went to the Frenchtown Roller Rink today. Fun for the kids. Not much skating for me. The soft padding of the inside of my Rollerblades were missing, which made skating feel like I had tiny rocks in my skates. So either I remember extra thick socks next time or I stuff my skates with some sort of a replacement padding.

Who thinks I’m going to forget that fact between now and the next time we go?

Yeah, me too.

This is the same rink my church youth group went to when I was a shy teenager and desperate to find my way in the complex high school scene. I know this is the rink the youth group went to, but try as I might, I have no memories of skating here, which I think is rather odd. Maybe I didn’t go? Maybe I was too shy to attend? That’s the probable answer.

Know what I think now when I look at these pictures?

I’d hate to be the one to keep that floor shiny.

Ha. Such a Mom Thought, no?


Lucy’s first time at a proper roller rink. She had a blast. Good way to spend a winter’s day.